Si has pinchado en este link, amigo/a lector, sabes a lo que te expones. Sin más dilación, baste decir que hay alguien que ya ha visto Terminator Salvation y ha colgado la crí­tica en Ain’t It Cool.

La pone relativamente bien. Critica en algunos aspectos la interpretación de Christian Bale como John Connor (un pelí­n pasada de rosca). Sam Worthington, en el papel de Marcus Wright (un hí­brido de Terminator y humano, y no será el único que aparezca en el film) es prácticamente el verdadero protagonista de la pelí­cula.

Magní­ficos efectos especiales, muy buena banda sonora de Danny Elfman. Buena puesta en escena de McG –quien, como era de esperar, no parece prestar mucha atención a los detalles más sutiles que pudiera ofrecer el material con el que trabaja– y sobre todo un fantástico diseño de producción. En términos generales Terminator Salvation es, al igual que Star Trek, un film con gran parte de su metraje dedicada a la presentación de los personajes y a renovar su trama, que mantiene algunos puntos de contacto con Terminator 3, de la que no termina de desvincularse del todo.


Ahora llega lo gordo. En los “comentarios” de Ain’t It Cool (los mí­ticos Talkbacks por donde se pasó Bruce Willis para defender La Jungla 4, entre otros), un lector llamado Scotsman 75 ofrece una sinopsis entera de la pelí­cula, escena por escena. Qué queréis que os diga, no me suena a invención en absoluto.  Vamos con los puntos más importantes de la trama (e imaginaos que la palabra SPOILER BRUTAL ESTÁ POR TODAS PARTES, así­ que pinchad y arrastrad para resaltar el texto):

– Cameo de Arnold Schwarzennegger, como ya se sabí­a. Es el Terminator que John Connor se encuentra en el clí­max del film, en la fábrica de Terminators, donde se nos presenta por primera vez al modelo evolucionado de robot T-800 (los robots estándar del film son el modelo previo cacho goma T-600, fáciles de destruir).

– Gran parte de la trama está dedicada a Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) y a la niña que le acompaña, llamada Star, y que tiene la facultad de predecir ataques inminentes de las máquinas. Ellos son los que rescatan a Marcus Wright, quien al inicio del film es un preso a punto de ser ejecutado por las muertes de dos policí­as y de su hermano. Dona su cuerpo a la ciencia bajo la supervisión de la Dra. Serena Sin Apellido (Helena Bonham Carter).

– Los seres humanos son empleados (y esto me parece una idea muy lógica y muy coherente) por las máquina.s para recolectar sus tejidos de cara a la fabricación del T-101 que todos queremos y amamos. El general Ashdown (Michael Ironside) pretende desencadenar un ataque nuclear sobre los campos de concentración donde los humanos se encuentran recluidos. John Connor, siendo el maldito Batman, se niega en redondo.

– El final sorpresa es la aparición de Sarah Connor como hí­brido robot, con la que se está experimentando para curar su cáncer.

El film, paso a paso, en inglés (pinchad y resaltar).

It opens with Marcus on death row. Serena comes in and asks him to reconsider donating his body to science. He tells her he’ll sell her his signature ‘for a kiss’, they kiss, he signs the sheet and then is executed. Opening Credits reveal Judgment Day, voice over from Sarah Connor. Cut to 2018 as the Resistence infiltrates an underground Skynet complex in the desert. They attack the complex, and after landing on a T-600 have to go under-ground to enter the facility, while moving toward the door they take out a T1. Inside they find humans in cages.

The resistence doesnt know why there are human prisoners there becuase ‘Skynet doesnt take prisoners’ – they go through the computer and get a bunch of information. They hear rumbling above, the General says free the prisoners and sends John to check out what’s going on above ground. He goes up there, and the helicopter pilots are dead, John sees a Transport H-K carrying more humans away, so he jumps in the Helicopter and takes off after it. Right then the underground Skynet complex explodes and kills all the men inside.

The shock wave makes the helicopter crash and John fights the remaining T-600. He radios in for backup – noting himslef as the only survivor. A storm comes in. Out of the ground, in the storm, Marcus rises. He finds the dead pilot and is clearly confused. Cut to John being picked up in the Helicopter, he then demands to be taken to HQ, and they are hovering over the storm ridden sea and the pilot says no way HQ does not want you. John jumps out of the helicopter and the divers from the sub pick him up. Ashdown comes in and it is clear that he knows of Sarah from her files in the Pescadero institute. So it is well known that some think John is the one that can lead the Resitence, and knows a lot about the machines.

John tells him what Skynet is doing with these humans (making human tissue for the T-800s). Ashdown tells John about a code they found hidden in the system which he thinks can shut down Skynet and his machines. He tells John he wants him to test it out. We learn that Skynet has a kill list and the top two on it are John Connor and Kyle Reese, an unknown civilian accoding to Ashdown. We cut to Marcus wandering the ruins of LA. (church scene) A T-600 shoots at him, Kyle saves him (‘come with me if you want to live’). Kyle has some cool home made traps to get the T-600, they unite with Star, a mute, who can always sense when H-K’s are getting close, *through vibrations/six sense* Marcus is kinda brought up to speed. And Kyle seems to know a lot about the machines. Marcus wants to go to San Fransico (where Serena first met him) Kyle says he will take him to some cars in the morning, because the H-K’s are good at night.

Then it cuts to John coming back to his base, and he prepares his men to test the transmitter that will hopefully shut down Skynet on a hydrobot. John does his radio broadcast – it shows people around the country listening to this radio broadcast. John then talks to Kate about how much this future has changed, that nothing is going the way it was suppose to. It clearly marks that the T-800’s are being made 10 years too early. We cut to Marcus fixing a car radio, and they listen to John, Kyle wants to find the Resistance now. It then shows the Resistence and John testing the transmitter on a Hydrobot they captured and it only paralyzes it, doesn’t shut it down. Then it cuts to Marcus fixing a Jeep getting ready to take off, he has a clash with Kyle and Star he does not want them to go with him. But then an Aerostat spots them so he grabs them and they take off. Marcus is amazed that he threw a wrench at the Aerostat and destroyed it with such precision and force. So they drive for a while and go to the gas station. There are survivors in there that want them to leave. Then the old lady Virgina offers them something to eat. Without warning the Harvesters claws start bursting through the roof and grabbing people.

This leads to the chase with the Moto-Terminators. They get to a bridge where a H-K is trying to block them off. The Moto-Terminator gets attached to the hook on the tow truck and flings at the H-K. Just as they think they are safe a transport has come down and the Harvester has caught up grabbing Star and Kyle. Some Resistance A-10’s show up and start shooting at the H-K’s and the H-K’s go flying after them leaving just the transporter and the Harvester. The Harvester then gets shot off falls into the canyon. Then one of the A-10 Warthogs get shot down. The transporter takes off and Marcus falls into the river and floats down stream. He wakes up then finds Blair on the downed power line. He helps her and she tells him to come with her, and they can maybe *most likely not* help get their friends back with the help of John Connor. Marcus remembers the name from the radio and agrees to go with her back to base *a two day walk*

They get to an abandon race car track, and run into some scavengers, that want to ‘have fun’ with Blair. Marcus is off getting wood for the fire. Blair kicks their asses, with the help of Marcus at the end, but lets them live. We cut-to Kyle and Star in the transport H-K. Kyle is trying to figure out a way to escape once they land, showing his determination and unwaivering desire to survive. We then cut back to Blair and Marcus sitting around a fire, they are starting to care for eachother. Then Kyle and Star are pushed into the concentration camp, and some try to escape, but the T-600’s don’t allow it. Then it cuts to Barnes and Connor in a forest, with a group of men looking to test the “transmitter” once again. They gain the attention of an Aerial H-K and in the last moment shut it down. Connor is still unconvinced. Knowing how tricky Skynet can be. Later John yells at Ashdown over the radio, because Ashdown wants a full global assault using these transmitters against Skynet. John does his “we are all dead” thing. Ashdown relieves Connor of his command, but Connor ignores it, and so do his men at the base becuase they are loyal to John. John then gets on the global radio for the other bases, and tells them not to attack like Ashdown wants, to keep their humanity and not become like the machines. Later Blair and Marcus reach the base. She tells him not to worry that the base is covered in landmines that only react to machines that have Skynet’s frequency. Well guess what? A mine goes off blowing Marcus up. It cuts to four men carrying Marcus to the hospital area, it is here that we learn Marcus is not human. Barnes knocks him out. Then within an empty missle silo they have strung up Marcus, and bolted his hands up. Kate say that this is something different that may have once been human. John does not trust it at all. He keeps questioning Marcus. So Marcus says he was just trying to save Kyle and Star. This of course stops John, but he still walks away saying they will dismantle Marcus later. Blair does not like this and tries to talk to Kate and say that Marcus is not one of them, and that he saved her. But Kate tells her that that is what Skynet wants them to think. Blair goes into the area where they are holding Marcus and convinces Barnes, who is shooting target practice at Marcus, that Connor wants him ASAP.

She then of course helps Marcus escape through the ventilation shafts in the missle silos. Cut to John listening to tapes made by his mother, he is unsure what to do about Kyle and Marcus. Then Barnes comes in – Connor immediatley knows what has happend. He runs to the silo – Marcus is gone. The soldiers shoot at Marcus and Blair, she ignites a bomb that sets off a section of mines that are planted alongside the river. Barnes is on a motorcycle chasing after them. Marcus gets the bike knocks out Barnes and takes off, leaving Blair behind. John continues to hunt Marcus, now in a helicopter, he lowers down to the river. Suddenly hydrobots attack the copter bringing it down, John sees the bots kill his men, and right before one kills him Marcus jumps in and grabs it snapping it in half. The Hydrobots won’t attack Marcus because they are on the same frequency of Skynet. John and Marcus still don’t trust eachother but Connor gives him a communication device, and Marcus says he will infiltrate Skynet Central, and that he needs to know what made him. And that he will help John get Kyle and the rest of the prisoners once he gets there. He tells John to wait at the Golden Gate bridge. John reluctantly agrees to do so. Marcus disappears into the river.

John tells Barnes that he is going to infiltrate Skynet by himself and save the prisoners. Kate doesnt want John to go becuase it is not safe, John tells her he’ll “be back”. Barnes and John then set a cool trap catch a Moto-Terminator, and reprogarm it to go back to Central. John straps himself in by tying himself to the machine, and they reacivate it and it takes off. Marcus gets into Skynet central with out a hitch. We see more of Skynet’s world. But none of the machines are attacking or paying attention to him. John waits outside of Skynet. Marcus gets to main computer and connects himself to it – gaining lots of knowledge in his hybrid brain – what he learns is that Skynet used Serenas research to make Marcus. Marcus then lowers the defenses so that John can sneak in. Ashdown and his sub crew try to use the transmitter, and it ends up being a trap by Skynet that just relayed their posisiton. An incoming H-K destroys the sub. Marcus then reunites with Serena, they talk.

She tells Marcus that Skynet created him to learn about humans, and at the same time, lure John back here. Skynet we find out wants to ensure that John Connor is dead, they want him as close as possible so when it kill Johns, it can be sure of it. We learn that this is why Marcus had a desire to go to San Fransisco (Skynet). Skynet wants to create a machine controlled world. Nothing to do with humans. Skynet is afraid of John. John then enters the Concentration camp (where we see humans get their laser scan tattoos) and takes out a few T-600’s. He then helps free the prisoners and is looking for Kyle – who has been taken away to a lab by a T-600. Kyle uses a shank he has to stab the T-600 in a hyrdolic part that is vanurable to the T-600 (John talked about it in his radio broadcast). The T-600 is put out of commision, Kyle runs away. John then opens a cell and we see…the Model 101 staring at him. John runs, it rips the T-600’s arm off taking its gatlin gun and firing it at John. John runs into Star/Kyle and they are introduced. But its no time for games, the Terminator is after them. John fires many grenade rounds into the T-800 but it keeps getting up. The T-800 is shot down into a hole but John knows its still going to go after them. Kyle, Star and John see the Terminator factory, none of them are powered up yet though. And we see that there is a whole area of hydrogen fuel cells for the Terminator’s having their skin put on. John and Kyle rig the fuel cells with explosives. But as they are doing that the T-800 comes running down the hall after them. Kyle tries to shoot at it, but it keeps going after John – its main target. John makes sure Kyle and Star are on the elevator where we hear the “Who are you?” From Kyle. After telling Kyle who he is John is attacked by the Terminator again. The T-800 is about to kill him slamming him against a wall, and is about to rip out his heart when Marcus dives in.

Marcus and the T-800 fight for a bit, and the T-800 is clearly stronger and takes down Marcus. John then has a final one-on-one with the T-800, where he continues to shoot at it as it gets closer – finally giving John his trade-mark scar just before John destroys it. Barnes and Marcus drag John out of the facility and into the chopper. They take off and John screams to go back but then he realises Star has the denator for the bomb they set near the thousands of power cells. John ignites it and a lot of Skynet Central is demolished. The chopper flies off.

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