‘Jimmy’s End’ y ‘Act of Faith’, de Alan Moore y Mitch Jenkins, enteros

Por. Fin. Aquí os dejamos el programa doble Act of Faith y Jimmy’s End, los dos cortometrajes –el primero ha sido concebido como el preludio del segundo– creados por Alan Moore Y Mitch Jenkins.

Act of Faith:

“It’s raining in Northampton and Faith Harrington has Friday evening ahead of her, her favourite outfit and her favourite face, her top tunes shimmering on the CD player: ‘When the lamp burns low on the bureau, even though I’m far from you…'” Act of Faith unveils an isolated corner of the modern night, where carrion crows become the only comforters and it’s a quarter to eternity…”

Jimmy’s End

“We’ve all been there: in the lapses after midnight, stumbling down unfamiliar gutters after one too many for the road and looking for inviting lights before they call last orders. James is trying to lose himself, but in a fractured men’s room mirror finds the eyes that have been waiting for him. Jimmy’s End pulls back the purple drapes upon an intricate new planet of desire and mystery. We’ve all been there.

Or it’s where we’re going.”


  • Grijaldo

    A mí tampoco.

  • Unai Oyanguren Azkue

    Mi nivel de ingles porno no me da…


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